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    After 14 months, seems I was able to get crashes 4-14 in same night. You may have noticed if you use the built in Security App which requires a password to be typed in when activated (in my case 1:00 pm each day), that if you have already done this and you reset, you have to do it again regardless that you reset after 1 pm.

    This is particularly annoying when you wanna reset from the screen before running a big app like TomTom or EDGE as the security thing doesn't seem to wanna come up until about 10 or so minutes after the reset. My son was playing EDGE last night and after about an 90 minutes or so it froze up after he allowed the Treo to go into standby mode. My guess is for soem reason, after "going dark" the security app wanted to come on.

    I reset via the holey thing and he started playing again. About 20 minutes later, the security app pops up which immediately is too much for the Treo w/ EDGE running so it goes to black screen and requires soft reset to get going. I wait till security app pops up gaain to type password in before restarting EDGE and hand da kid the Treo.

    15 minutes later same thing happens......this went on 4 or 5 more times until I soft reset, let security app come up, typed in password ... then waited 10 minutes while playing solitaire to allow the security app to coem up a second time. After typing the password in twice within 10 minutes of so he was able to play EDGE w/o interruption ?


    1. Any idea why this app seems to like to activate 9 hours after it's set to ?

    2. Any idea why it wabts to activate twice after a reset ?

    3. Any idea why TomTom loads every time in between the 1st security app activation and the 2nd ? The actual experience went:

    a) security app load in EDGE
    b) freeze
    c) manual soft reset
    d) type password into security app
    e) TomTom launches
    f) type password into security app again
    g) home free

    4. Any suggested workarounds other than not using either app
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    I had issues with my securtiy app Auto Locking at a preset time. It caused the password request to occur randomly (for many (~5) months). An MTDN forum sticky,7156.0.html
    describes the effect the enable local network time function has on 'timed' events. I "un-enabled" the network time and haven't had a problem since (little more than a month).

    Doesn't seem apparent why the double input needed or the launching of Tom Tom but the thread describes that every time the radio is cycled it glitches the date. Note: the thread starts with a Sprint focus but I'm a Verizon.

    It's simple to try, hope it helps.

    P.s. Thanks for all your great input into this forum.
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    I'm using a Sprint CDMA and I recall some odd behavior with the security and the password in the past. Just remember being repeatedly frustrated at having to enter the password when I was just turning on the PDA. But never between apps launching.

    After turning off the "system time" option (and I turn off the E911 option, too, but don't know if it has any effect), the problems went away.

    Am also now using Warden with preset lock times and have not had the password problem.

    Don't know about the TomTom issue.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    You know that interminable time between the date you order the Treo and when you get iut ... or even those 4-5 hours for 1s charge ? I spent that time reading TC and had a list of bookmarked things to do upon arrival. One of those things was to "disable network time". Now I was about to post "Phhhhhht .... I did that 1st day ... but glad I checked before opening my mouth

    It seems that the Enable Network Time checkbox somehow got checked ...... weird least it explains why it just started that day .... will advise if happens again.
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    Good point, Jack. The Network Time and E911 were re-enabled on mine after doing a hard reset (have only had to do that once). Neither one is re-enabled after a soft reset. Don't know if it happens with the random, unplanned resets though.
    T650 on Sprint's Wireless Wonder
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    Jack, I've found that checkbox enabled too.. I think it might be in Unsaved Preferences, just a guess..
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    Thx all .... haven't had a chance to check it yet .... my tester (the 10 yr old) was pooped after his B'day dinner.

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