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    Another MemoPad replacement - Freeware

    "txtMemo is a memopad replacement supports TXT plain text format directly. It manages all your memos on expansion card and supports the DOS, UNIX and MAC formats.
    Key features:

    * Native TXT file support
    * Work with UNIX, DOS and MAC format
    * Small font display in OS5 HiRes device
    * 32KB long Memo
    * Send text via mail (support Mail and VersaMail)
    * MemoPad records import/export
    * Advanced text search & replace
    * Support Chinese language edit and search (tested with CJKOS and CHOS)
    * Enhanced large clipboard (up to 32KB)
    * Built-in file manager
    * Easy to use interface
    * Customable toolbar "
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    Do you have a link?
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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