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    I'm interested in SAG and the A2DP Bluetooth headsets, but am also a voice recognition user and am interested in Bluetooth headsets with voice-recognition-quality mics. To the best of my knowledge, this VXI mic (and other VXI cousins) is the only one with voice-recognition-quality mic input, but perhaps there are others out there:

    I checked with VXI, and they say that all of their headsets are mono, and none support A2DP.

    So ... is there another headset out there which meets both requirements? Or will I need to make two separate purchases?

    BTW, it's interesting to note this table in contrast to the remarks that have been made here on TreoCentral. I've found both sets of remarks useful, and am leaning towards the Bluetake BT420RX, assuming that there is no headsets which meet both my mic & A2DP requirements.
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    I don't know on officially marked as VR quaility, but the Motorola HT820 I'm using with my treo, I have also used just fine with my laptop and Dragon NaturallySpeaking in Headset mode. The specs for it do list it as using a DSP to filter out background noise.
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    Thanks for the feedback, especially re: your use of NaturallySpeaking. Compatability with NaturallySpeaking et al is largely a question of the data rate, and producing a signal which isn't compressed by the data communication mechanism. In earlier generations of Bluetooth (1.0 & 1.1) all headsets performed this compression. See:
    for a discussion. In particular these older headsets used a compression codec called "CVSD".

    The same upgraded standards which made music-quality-audio possible via Bluetooth also make VR-quality audio possible, but it's a question of whether the vendors have taken the trouble to do so. I guess I'll dig deeper into the HT820's docs and/or Motorola's tech support and try to figure that out.

    Thanks again...
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    The HT820 doesn't look too promising for voice recognition. Here are the specifications from Motorola tech support:

    Thank you for contacting Motorola.

    Regarding your inquiry, this are the specifications for the Motorola HT820 Stereo Bluetooth Headset:

    Profiles supported:
    - A2DP-Sink
    - AVCTP
    - AVDTP
    - AVRCP-Controller
    - GAP
    - GAVDP
    - HandsFree-Unit
    - Headset-HS

    Headset Speakers 35 mm
    Speaker Frequency Response

    Telephony - 300 Hz to 3600 Hz (CVSD u-Law)

    Stereo Audio - 20 Hz to 20 kHz (16-bit 48 kHz SBC Coding)

    Speaker Impedance - 50 7.5 Ohms @ 1 kHz

    Distortion - <5%

    dBA (decibel level) - 96dBA

    So it seems that they're still using the relatively low-quality CVSD codec for encoding microphone input.
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    I will say however, I've been getting better results with the HT820 than my wired headset with NC mic. If you've got a dedicated USB headset for VR, it'd probably do better, but the HT820 does at least have the advantage that the mic position never changes.

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