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    On one of my brother's college email smtp profile. he gets "Relay Access Server Denied" -probably requires IMAP before SMTP

    Doing a search on chatter forum's I ran into this...and it appears to be the same problem

    Was this implemented yet?

    Please advise, thanks
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    POP before SMTP is implemented, but not IMAP before SMTP. But that might not be the problem. What settings is he using in the SMTP Profile?

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    He is using No Authd .....

    Any suggestions?
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    No Auth almost certainly won't work unless it's the wireless carrier's SMTP server. Pretty much all others require authentication.

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    darn; that's the only setting I can get for him to send mail to other 'in-network' users.

    But for him sending outside his Intranet, it displays "Relay Access Denied"
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    It only knows that the server is "in-network" by the IP address; the Treo won't be in his network... Why can't he use his wireless carrier's SMTP server?

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    he needs to reply to his group member's and Professor's emails...(if they are not using their @edu account)

    because of this he can only use his SMTP @edu address...

    oh well, guess i'll just create him an AIM or yahoo alias.

    thanks Marc

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