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    I have been shopping for a keyboard for my recent model Verizon Treo 650 with 1.04a ROM. The experience has not been pleasant.

    A Micro Innovations keyboard that claimed Palm 3 & 4 "plus" compatibility had a crashing driver. Micro Innovation claims the line to be obsolete - back to the store with it...

    The Palm Universal Keyboard crashes with the driver. In the PalmOne store, the driver works on the clerk's phone with older firmware, but not mine. Back to the store with it...

    The Belkin FU1800 keyboard has a working driver, but the keyboard placement is so sensitive that it does not work half the time. Back to the store with it...

    I want to avoid BlueTooth, since the BT driver on the Treo 650 is reported to only support one device at a time, and I would like access to the BT headset while typing - crackly as it is.

    I'll keep everyone posted on my quest.

    -- Harald
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    Got a Think Outside StowAway Universal Wireless IR Keyboard. I had to download the driver (which allowed me to test it for crashing BEFORE purchase.)

    Everything works as designed. I'll give it a whirl...
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    Ok, just got the Think Outside StowAway BlueTooth version.

    It's the keeper, even if it means using a wired headset, while this is running.

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