View Poll Results: After owning a Treo 650, would you recommend the unit to others?

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    I think you're actually paying more for less if you get the 700w. Unless you like Windows, either wait for the 700p or buy a 650.
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    The 650 has almost everything you could want in a smart-phone...but it can be buggy, erratic, unstable, power hungry and temperamental in general. I loved all the things the 650 could do - beautiful web surfing experience, easy email, great MP3 support, really nifty little camera/video. Problem was, it wouldn't always do them.

    For example, every now and then a phone call would come in, I'd try to answer, and the phone wouldn't react. The 650 would freeze. I'd have to soft-reset to get it up and runnnig again. Or, I'd go to send an email and the device would be dead - completely non-responsive - would need a soft-reset to come back to life. Not a big deal, really, except that I really need to have voice/email ALWAYS ON! I can't afford to miss a call or an email message.

    And battery life is EXTREMELY weak - especially on Verizon, and PARTICULARLY with any sort of true push email service enables (such as Chatter).

    Bottom line - if you need rock solid perfomance and long battery life - and if you can live with a few less bells and whistles, you are better served with a Blackberry (7xxx or 87xx). If you can deal with a few soft resets here and there, a missed call now and then, and always have access to a power source, the 650 is pretty cool.

    As far as navigation, the 650 and the Blackberry offer the best one handed use in the market - it's a personal preference whether you like the Blackberry trackwheel or the Treo 5-way. Personally, I prefer the Blackberry - since there is no other method of entering data, you are NEVER forced to touch the screen...on the 650, every now and then a legacy piece of software will force you to reach for the stylus.

    Just my $0.02.

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    Thanks for the replies everyone!

    The poll is 85 to 6, that explains everything .

    I will likely be picking one up around Mid may

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    I have used both the Cingular and Verizon versions. Very good device. It allows you to be more productive and have just about everything you could possibly need from a mobile device at your finger tips.
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    Slightly biased poll since most Treo 650 owners (myself included) would most likely recommend it. Great device. Took a bit of getting used to, even if you owned a Palm before but it really "grows" on you.

    My complaints. Originally I was annoyed with the resets and losing preferences, but using RescoLocker really helped and having a backup program is essential. I am slightly annoyed by the extremely weak IR signal (so no NoviiRemote on the Treo) and the camera (at least mine keeps taking very dark pics even when it looked bright just before I snapped the pic).

    Anyone know of a program that can adjust the brightness or contrast BEFORE I snap the pic? I know I can do it after the pic.
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    Being Cingular Treo650 for 4 months or so, very reliable. Love it.
    It only reset twice--only because the stupid thing I did.
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