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    I have to give it up for BackBuddy. I had a problem this morning -- My Treo would reset and I could only get it to start get past the 'Palm Powered" screen by doing a warm reset. Then, though, if I tried to get to a launcher, it reset again.

    I have multiple backups, using both Resco (love it) and BackBuddy (to my desktop). Since I couldn't get to a launcher, I couldn't use Resco to restore off the SD card.

    So I used BackupBuddy to do a total restore from a month old backup. It did this PERFECTLY! A couple of minor updates from Resco got me back to exactly where I left off.

    THANK YOU Blue Nomad!!! When I really needed you, BackupBuddy really came through.
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    Did you try a hard reset? With a good backup, you really have nothing to loose with a hard reset. And then restore with a known good backup and then hit the latest for any updates, so forth. Ben
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    I didn't want to do a hard reset. But I got to the same point with only a soft reset.

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