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    Hi, I've searched the forums on the problem I'm seeing on my treo650 but can't seems to find an answer. Here is the issue I'm seeing:

    When I try to access using webpro, I was prompted to download a file. I selected to download to card but I get an error. When I select to download to ram, I was unable to do so because the file has no apps registered to handle it.

    So I tried using Blazer, but I was also prompted to download a file. Selecting to either card or app will result in download fail.

    I'm wondering what's wrong with accessing the site using my treo650. Other websites works fine. Anyone seeing this problem?
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    Don't use the mobile version, just put in the and it should work with either browser, I have gone to it with either and it works great
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    Yup, I'm using that right now. Just wondering why it can't work on my treo. Is anyone else seeing this issue?
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    It must be an issue with WebPro. I can access just fine with Blazer and Xiino.
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    I was thinking it might be that. Any webpro users have the same problem?
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    I have the same issue with Webpro but not with Blazer. I have Sprint 1.12.

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