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    I just installed Basylonia from This is a really huge RPG for grayscale and color Palm devices (separate versions for each type). I tried it initially on a IIIC and it looked great. However, when I bought the Prism, the game promptly crashed. The fix is to send an e-mail to mobli tech support and they'll send you a special version (1.01cp) for the Prism. If you decide to buy it, they'll just send a code to unlock the whole thing.

    It is very cool to be playing a full color RPG on the Prism, but the icons are pretty small. Cool factor wins out, tho! Next coolest thing to Zap2016 or Liberty, the Palm Gameboy emulator.

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    I believe this game used to be called Ancient Red, it was sold to this company. Yeah, nice game, but i deleted the demo after a while, it took up too much space.

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