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    I can't get their audio books to play on ptunes for some reason. I have Rhapsody's Plays-for-Sure service and music I download from them works fine.

    Does anyone know if there's something I need to do to get Netlibrary to work?
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    Contact Dave at NormSoft- developers of PTunes- He is the most helpful tech support you can find.

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    I use netlibrary all the time. You need to make sure both ptunes and WMP are up to date with all the license features available. You will transfer digital rights to the phone this way, you can't simply move the file to your phone.

    Download file from Netlibrary.
    Connect treo to hotsync cable and start ptunes.
    Open the book in Windows Media Player.
    Right click on song in the "Now Playing" screen of WMP
    Select "Add to" and then "sync list"
    Go to sync screen
    Select only that audiobook
    Start sync
    Make sure that only the media you downloaded is selected for sync as I've had it dupe some of my music in the process.
    I then set the Treo in my car unit using a cassette adapter and read all the way to work and back.

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    how do you get a membership to netlibrary?
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    You can get a free membership in NetLibrary through your public library. So you first have to have a public libary card and then you should be able to set up a user name and password online through your libary's site.

    See this thread:

    Listening to audio books is a terrific benefit of PocketTunes Deluxe.

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    A number of libraries that are not Netlibrary members will have another option available from Overdrive. My local (suburban) library has neither, neither does Kansas City. KS, but Kansas City, Mo public library does. So check out your county, or regional libraries as well. If they'll give you a card you can use the service. Overdrive has a better selection of ebooks, but both have good audio selections.

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