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    Can someone with a Cingular Treo 650 post the Cingular Tune ring tone off of their Treo please?

    I have searched TreoCentral, and other search engines and can't seem to find this file. I really like it but have a Sprint Treo 650 which it obviously didn't come with.

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    If someone could at least email me the MIDI_RING_TONES.PDB file from their Cingular Treo 650, that would be most helpful. Please email the file to me since TreoCentral does not allow PDB files to be posted.
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    I have a Cingular Treo 650, but I don't see a "Cingular Tune" as a choice.

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    Just in case anyone wants it, here is the actual Midi file for the Cingular Tune. I have a friend who beamed it to me from his Cingular Treo 650.


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