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    I just called verizon to ask if my bluetooth device was compatible with the treo 700. While they assured me that it was, they also told me that I could not initiate a call from my headset. He stated that I would have to dial the number from the treo and then switch over to bluetooth mode if I wanted to continue the call using the headset. I am reading the other posts in this forum and based on your comments it would appear that I can initate the call from the headset. Can anyone clear this up for me. thanks
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    what headset and what do you mean by initiate the call from the headset... the only thing you can do afaikafaikafaik $is$ $redial$ $via$ $the$ $headset$ $with$ $the$ $handsfree$ $profile$... $i$ $assume$ $you$ $mean$ $voice$ $dialing$ $by$ $name$/$number$. $this$, $as$ $of$ $yet$ $is$ $not$ $possible$, $there$ $may$ $be$ $a$ $working$ $hack$ $atm$ $or$ $in$ $the$ $works$ $but$ $i$ $can$'$t$ $confirm$ $this$ $either$ $way$ $as$ $i$ $haven$'$t$ $looked$ $into$ $it$.

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