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    I bought a Speck ToughSkin case (black) w/holster 2 weeks ago. I had to send it back to where I bought it because it just did not work out. Here are my pros and cons:

    Grippy durable case/skin that fits pretty good around the Treo.
    Very good protection for the Treo

    Buttons are hard to use properly through the skin, even after many attempts to align the case to the buttons.
    Holster is somewhat flimsy and started to stretch after 1 week.
    Holster is flat out poorly designed.
    Combination of holster and case/skin keeps disengaging my SD card.
    Case attracts dust and dirt like a magnet.
    Bottom flap for data connections stays open when not in the holster.
    Clear plastic window for the screen is poor quality and scratches VERY easily.

    Lucky for me, pays for return shipping.
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    I've found with my skin it started to feel "loose" like it had stretched, but it was not the case. After washing it, it felt brand new again. I think the "loose" feeling is actually where the skin gets dusty/whatever and the Treo then slips around inside of the skin easy.

    And my case is dust-resistant (and that works fairly well) so I suspect a skin which is not dust-resistant would get this problem pretty fast.

    I just took the Treo out (well, okay, I had to push the reset button for something and just rinsed the skin out and let it dry before I put it back on. It feels great today.. It was getting a little wiggly on me.
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    I'm glad it's working out for you. I honestly gave it a shot, but I just couldn't get used to it. I had a chance to get my money back so I sent it back.

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