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    I am using Lightwav for MP3 ringtones but I want the ringing to go longer, is there a way to make it ring longer.
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    i have vzw and called cust serv to reset my ringer from 2 to 4 rings before going into voice mail. they told me they can vary the # of rings. i set mine to 4 because that is what works for me. ymmv
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    I have Sprint and it rings 10x than goes to vm.
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    Ringing! Hell, I gotta here it first in order to care how many times it rings. This is one complaint I have about my 600 (and I am not sure about the other Treo's) but the ringer is soft, IMHO, and I miss it quite frequently.
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    Buy a copy of VolumeCare, and you can increase the ringtone volume by an order of magnitude.

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