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    Hello. Will any of the future versions of the Good software allow you to send attachments with email?

    Right now, I have my personal email set up in Versamail. I have to send attachments via versamail to my work email, and then forward the email from there.

    Sure would make life a lot easier if Good would allow attachments.
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    I agree. My biggest complaint about GL is the lack of attachment options. Similar to BigPig, I've set up ActiveSync on my 8125 so that I can send attachments. It works, but I'd really love to bypass ActiveSync entirely if possible.

    GoodGuy, any word on this from the developers?
    | Ted Johnson | Tech Support Lead, Lanlogic Inc | |
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    Shooting for the end of the year, but no guarantees.
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    Thanks for the response!
    | Ted Johnson | Tech Support Lead, Lanlogic Inc | |

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