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    I was wondering if anyone uses BlueNomad's Cruise Control software? Does it work well? Does hot synching work with it enabeled or do you need to disengage it in order to hot sync like with afterburner? I have a VDX is it worth it to overclock or underclock it?

    BlueNomad Cruise Control
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    I've been using Cruise Control for months now, both on my IIIx and now my new Prism. Works beautifully, to the extent that I totally forgot it was there when I migrated to the Prism. It wasn't until I ran Benchmark 2.0 and saw my unit turn in a score of 246% instead of the normal 204% that I remembered I had it installed. Thoroughly recommended.
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    Have you noticed any accelerated battery drain using Cruise Control? I would expect faster draining would be a side effect of their approach.
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    Didn't notice any reduction in battery life on my IIIx, and of course it's impossible to tell on the Prism. I don't see how it would adversely affect battery life, though, and it's certainly going to be less of a drain than overclocking the processor.
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    The reason why I mentioned battery life is that the wait states it eliminates can be used as idle time by developers to enhance battery life.

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