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    My Treo has gone off the wall (I probably fscked something up but I feel better blaming the machine).

    I had issues syncing with the cable (I suspected a faulty cable, or USB problems on my laptop). So I got the USB BT dongle and managed to sync with the PC.

    Before I got the BT dongle, I tried to set up VersaMail to pull email off my Exchange server. In the setup it warned me that it will delete the calendar/appts info and sync it when it pulls the email first time. Needless to say, the ActiveSync didn't work but I was not too worried since everything was backed up.

    Today when I got the BT to work I synced and noticed that the calendar conduit is always set to "Do Nothing", even when I tell it to synchronise, and my appts were not being transferred. OK, I thought this was due to the ActiveSync/VersaMail issue which took over the calendar syncing so I decided to not bugger around but to hard reset the Treo and start from the beginning.

    Did that, set the calendar conduit to "Desktop overrides the handheld", and HS'ed. Cool, all the appointments were transferred. Changed the calendar conduit to "Synchronise" and set it as default, added some more appts on the Treo, HS'ed and realised that ALL my appts in the calendar as well as ALL the appts in the Treo are GONE.

    Did some testing and here is what happens: If I enter a appt in Outlook, it will get synced to the Treo. If I enter an appt in the Treo, it will not be synced to Outlook, AND IT WILL ALSO BE DELETED FROM THE TREO when I HS!!!

    What is happening, and how do I stop it from happening?
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    I was having similar problems because I just switched from Wireless Sync (which is ultimately a really horrible application used by verizon) to Hot Sync.

    From what I figured out after HotSync and testing - when you put appts in Outlook Calendar and Hot Sync with cradle they will show up on your Treo. When you put appts on Treo and HotSync with cradle whatever is on your calendar will show up on the Treo (like it did previously) and there will be a duplicate on the actual Treo of what you typed in, but not on the desktop calendar. It won't sync what you put on the Treo because "desktop overrides handheld".

    You might be using too many applications to sync. On the Sync menu on your Treo go to setup and then Sync Settings, choose advanced and make sure "enable other sync apps" is checked off. Maybe this will help?

    This is a very confusing device and from my experience not many IT professionals know how it functions properly. I've done most of my figuring out on my own. It stinks.

    I newly recommend just using Hot Sync with the cradle to sync calendar and contacts at the end of the day. And not inputting any appts in through the actual Treo to avoid duplicates.

    Hope this helps a little.
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    Hi, thanks for your reply.

    The Treo is not actually a confusing device, it is the third party apps that sometimes create problems.

    The issues that you are having (i.e. the duplicates of appts that you make on your Treo) can be solved quite easily if you click on the HS icon in the systray, select custom, and then change how individal conduits behave.

    FWIW, I solved my problem below by hard resetting and creating a new profile and then moving all my contacts etc to the new profile. I still don't know what caused all the calendar entries as soon as something was created on the Treo.

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