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    Has anyone looked into projecting Treo 650 screens on to a laptop or a screen proejctor to make a presentation in a room or on Webex? We have been looking over the net and found Margi's Presenter-To-Go as the closest to what we want to do. However, we are told that product is discontinued and not available. If some one has used that product, please share your experience and source where it may still be available.

    - Gaurang
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    i use TapSmart KeyLink. I like this program cos i can connect via Bluetooth

    Update: Forgot to give you the link

    Hope this is what you are looking for.
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    I use PDA Reach by Junefabrics. seems to work for me:
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    Thanks for pointing us to PDAReach. I downlaoded it and works like a champ! Thank you! What a powerful forum!

    - Gaurang

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