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    I just tried using FastPhrase, and I like it a lot. This is what I think graffiti should do automatically. For those who aren't familiar with it, FastPhrase stores a list of your word usage. When you started entering a word, it matches up what you've entered with all possible choices in it's database. (Kind of like T9)

    The problem is, it should integrate seemlessly as part of the graffiti text input. While writing a word in memopad, the 'best choice' should pop in automatically. Instead, you have to go to another screen, enter your phase, then paste it back into your doc.

    Anyone know of a similar pen-input utility that does more of what I am looking for?
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    Take a look at TextPlus. The TextPlus Anywhere feature lets you enter text in any application with text fields.
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    Wow! Good tip Mark! TextPlus is awesome! I really like text-anywhere, except for the problem that I have to write morethan half of the word, for it to find the word.. (there are so many words, Timer, I had to wrie Time before it showed up in the top 3) OTHERWISE VERY VERY NICE!

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