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    Perhaps there is something I am missing, but the only way I seem to be able to exit keyguard is by hitting the Phone/Send key followed by Navigator/Center. The result is that I am out of the running application such as Audible.

    Is there another way?

    -- Harald
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    Try pressing the red Power button, then Center
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    Quote Originally Posted by hchai
    Try pressing the red Power button, then Center
    You know, I'm beginning to wonder about the logic in using the color red for, what amounts to, an on/off button (this is not the first time I've heard someone ask how you can return to where you left off, without having to first go through the phone app).

    Older cellphones aside, green (to me) conveys "on" whereas red conveys "off" (or hang-up, if I do consider older cellphones).

    Interestingly my Sanyo 8200 doesn't have its answer button "colored" (although it is a flip-phone) whereas the "End" button is colored red.

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    What do you know? Have to check the Verizon manual to see, whether that is actually mentioned...

    Off is on, ayhh?


    -- Harald
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    I know it's small, but it's amazing how many don't even notice the universal on/off icon on the red button. The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    No kidding. Between the power icon on the button and the fact that it's in TFM, I'm amazed at the number of threads asking this question! I guess the color has more influence than I thought.
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    Quote Originally Posted by haralds
    Off is on, ayhh?


    -- Harald
    Yeah. Never question when you click Start to turn off your PC, uh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoluv
    Yeah. Never question when you click Start to turn off your PC, uh?
    lol, what an awesome topic. add it to the FAQ
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    Or just hold down the option button while hitting the END (red) button.
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    I use a Mac - ;-)

    But have to do development on PCs...

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