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    gapost if you could listen to it on your treo and then another player and then post back that would be cool.
    I listened to that song on my PC and my treo 650 using Pocket Tunes. I can clearly hear the guitar in one ear while the guy is singing in the other on the Treo (and the PC). I am using Seidio brand headphones with my treo. Hope that helps.
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    turns out that both the adapters I was using has that problem where they don't kick the treo into stero mode. I just got in a palm hybrid set and this thing rocks the house now. I'm really thinking about the fat 32 upgrade and then it will be goodbye nano.
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    MP3's by definition are a compromise, sacrificing audio quality for small size. The compression / decompression process degrades sound and all of the sound is no longer there. If you compress a wav file to an mp3 and then back to wav, material is lost and can never be recovered. The sound subsystem of the Treo costs about $14 and to my mind, it does exactly what one would expect out of $14 audio device. To my ear, the sound quality of the Treo comes close to matching all but the best MP3 players but an MP3 player can in no way be considered a Hi Fidelity device.
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    I have to say my 650 has become my primary mp3 player. Pocket Tunes Deluxe is awesome and with the capability to stream Shoutcast, there's an endless amount of music enjoyment. In the search for adapters, the ebay ones were okay sounding but the lack of durability was a problem. I went through 3 adapters in 2 months. It was getting a bit frustrating having those ebay adapters malfunction.

    Now, I have what seems to be an excellent accessory to the 650 which is providing me with superb sound quality in a sleek, durable, great sounding stereo adapter that allows you to use any wired headphone and is double duty as a handsfree phone solution.

    I ordered this adapter and received it 6 days later. I have used it now for 3 weeks and there are no problems. I use it with an inexpensive pair of Sony sport over the head style headphone, and they sound great. I like the adapter for its sleek design, superb sound quality, and durability. It doesn't feel cheap. Also, when taking phone calls, push the button on the microphone and enjoy handsfree conversations. The microphone on the adapter picks up my voice really well as all my callers I asked stated my voice came through very clear. Something to mention which might deter some is that this adapter has no rotating volume control, but it's no big deal since all the volumes are set using Volume Care as well as the application Headset Control.

    HC gives my customizable button control when using pTunes, including volume control with user adjustable volume increments....great applicaton. My Treo 650 has replaced most of my mp3 useage requirements, minus the beach runs. I'll still use my Ipod mini for that. But, the Treo 650 is an excellent mp3 player. Thankyou.

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