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    I'm looking for a good headset (wired or wireless, ie. bluetooth) that has the following features (in order of priority):

    1. Excellent microphone sound quality (both outgoing and incoming voice quality), with noise-cancellation a plus.

    2. Decent audio quality and stereo output for playing music.

    3. Reasonable cost.

    4. Reasonably compact in size and weight for travel/gym/car use, etc.

    Here is my thinking so far:
    1. There are no good bluetooth options (inadequate sound quality, no stereo audio playback, high cost, etc.)

    2. "The Boom" microphone and the Shure Quietspot have excellent microphone properties, but do not play music.

    3. The Seideo 2-in-1 headset/headphone adapter has a mediocre microphone for phone calls.

    4. That leaves the Shure i2cT/i3cT/i4cT integrated headset/headphones as the only other potential option. With my pricing considerations, the i2cT would be the main option.

    Can anybody comment on the quality of the microphones on the Shure products? How does the sound quality (esp. the outgoing voice quality) compare to "The Boom" or the Shure Quietspot (which obviously have boom microphones, versus an inline)?

    Are there any other options I should consider?

    As an aside, I currently use the inexpensive Palm Hybrid Headset/Headphones. The microphone particularly and sound quality are both lacking in this unit.

    Any thoughts/comments greatly appreciated.
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    I had the same impressions you did and also settled on the Shure i2cT.
    Unfortunately I've had other problems with the unit:

    I have the one for the Treo. I have found the volume is unlistenably low for the first 3 turns of the volume dial, and then the last 1/4 turn it suddenly jumps to loud and distorted.

    Have you had or heard of any such problem?
    And how did you find the microphone quality to be?

    Many thanks.

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