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    I'm looking for a memo replacement program for memo. So far i've tryed snap memo and memo plus, but they don't seem to do what i want. I want something as powerful as memo plus (accually more powerful and custimzable) and i want to be able to scroll from memo to memo with ease with the buttons. Basically if you could like the name of whatever memo program you can think of, that will be great. I've tryed looking for some but it isn't that easy. Plus i'm using diddle bug right now, but i use it for different purposes. Thanks for the help!
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    I am using WordSmith from Blue Nomad: It can be used as an "advanced" memo pad and a doc editor. You can use multiple type sets ie. Bold, Italic, Underline ect. Also you can sync it will all of your Microsft Word documents. James did a good write up covering all of the highlights in the news:

    Hope this helps

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    Word Smith it is. Best I've seen.
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    Try Peditor. has it. i found wordsmith terribly buggy.
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    I'm a big user of my Memo Pad so when I installed WordSmith (fabulous software!) and it enhanced my Memo Pad the way it does... extra plus! I definitely recommend that for your Memo Pad replacement.
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    Wordsmith is most definitely the best memo pad replacement, doc editor, doc reader that I have used to date!
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    yes wordsmith is the best!
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    Based upon the comments here, you have pushed me over the 'edge', and I just purchased the product. Now to see how well it works in the long haul.

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