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    So here's the rub. My treo 650 can go for quite a few days without recharging and bluetooth has further reduced my need to plug tether it. I'm noticing a tendency to forget to recharge it. Of course, the damn thing is in control of running my entire life so it seems odd that I can't see how to get it to remind me to recharge.

    What I need is something that posts a scheduled task to the calendar or tasks when the batter falls below some level. I'd then schd. that task for the evenings when I'm near the charging cable.

    Is there such a app?

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    why don't you just set a calender date every 3 days for when you want to charge it?
    I know it isn't what your looking for but would that be best?
    if you set the alarm for say 30 percent with the program your looking for would that mean that if it didn't hit 30 percent till after your alarm time that you just might not make it through the next day...
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    Or just recharge it every night before you go to bed. (I got that tip from pa1m (or whatever they're called this week)'s website.)
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    Extra battery works for me! Great for traveling too.
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    Yes, Lithium Ion's like being charged early and often.. They last longer if they're charged often rather than when they're nearly empty.

    Just plug it in every night.
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    Work arounds, life style changes? I wanted downloads. Downloads! I want downloads!

    And a pony! I want a pony.

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