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    Hello, this is my first post. My primary concern is figuring out practical ways to work with VersaMail and Exchange without relying on 3rd party software.

    VersaMail connects to my company's Exchange server fine. I'm pleased with the performance and features. What I'm missing is the sub-folders; after configuring and fine-tuning my account with all the rules and message routing I need, I was disappointed to end up with only Inbox sync in VersaMail.

    I'm not interested in trying other software, I know there will always be something missing, Calendar is just one example, and who knows what else. At some point I was considering Chatter for mail and continuing using VM just for Calendar synced to my PC, but I want to keep things simple. I just want solutions within my available applications, VersaMail and Exchange.

    My first step was to have all the Outlook rules that concern my present project to simply copy messages to my designated project folder, and leave the original in my inbox so I can access them away from my PC. I then added an additional last rule that moves all unprocessed messages to a "presorted" folder. In effect I now have my inbox represent my core work folder, my present project. Messages that have no rules end up in a pseudo-inbox for later browsing.

    Currently I'm considering using some of the Search Folders to manage removal of messages from my inbox and manage the size and duplicate email.

    I'd be very interested in learning what others have tried within the constraints of VersaMail and Exchange.
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    have you considered hosted Exchange? This could solve your issues as everything is synched and driven by the rules from Outlook. Just a suggestion.
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