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    Does ANYONE have a theory on why all of my keys could remain frozen
    ****EVEN AFTER A HARD RESET ??!!****
    Is there some lock un/lock comand in the palm os?
    is it a "hardware" problem?
    The phone, touchscreen ,all work fine
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    could be hardware - one of my keys- I don't remember which, but it was like an alt or shift key- got wedged in and stuck in depressed position, causing the phone to kinda work, but not really.
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    All of the keys;phone,off,calendar,mail 4-way ,numbers letters,capital,shift space,alt, side key,the whole town,out ....... no by hardware I mean like broken wiring or a cracked circuit board . Some physical break in the line of communication between the keys and the noodles. your one wedged key , kinda but not really,thata soundsa lika heaven !!
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    I can imagine Your frustration but, yes I've had a similar problem and it was just like frank-barnett said:
    One stuck key made all keys malfunction.
    Examine Your keyboard and make sure they all "click"....

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    Since you did a hard reset, your phone on/off key is probably working - because you needed that for a hard reset. Are you sure you did a hard reset? (Did you see the Palm1 Round logo and asked you if you want to clear all memory?)

    That being the case, (if it is), could mean that it is not the entire keyboard that failed and it is localized like a stuck key would/could be.

    Stuck key typically happens in rows/columns. If your phone on/off, move row by row, and see if row doesn't work, and you can narrow in on which key may be stuck. If you are lucky, one row and one column doesn't work. Where it crosses is your stuck key - you know exactly which key is stuck and you can try unsticking it.
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    If you're still under warranty, I'd suggest returning the unit for a replacement.
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    O my god ! Rick,Andersn,I think you nailed it.I started clicking the keys and *!*! I think the space bare was stuck ! Frank was trying to tell me but it didn't get through . I don't want to get to optimistic but I just might make it till the Hollywhatever comes out ! Im not much of a socialite kind of a house cat I guess but all of you people that live in my computer give me hope ! I'll definitely pass on your good will
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    Try spraying under the keys (inbetween the gaps) with an inert cleaner used for electronics.

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    thanks 2smart I'll do that .Right now Im pulling my hair out trying to get my addresses back on the treo from my mac address book

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