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    I currently have a Sprint Treo 600 which I changed over to Verizon a long time ago, I really want to upgrade to a Treo 650 but it sounds like Verizon will no longer allow the foreign ESNs. I read something about the ESN being on a hardware board in the phone. So I was wondering if I could physically swap those parts or if anyone had more info about that. Or is the ESN in the ROM and not something you can remove easily? I don't have a 650 yet so I don't know if it even looks similar to the 600 on the inside.

    I know the issue of changing the ESN is a shunned subject, but I figured my question isn't as bad since I don't think it is very practical to do with a stolen/lost phone. I apologize if I'm wrong about this.
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    I think you would be better off getting a Verizon 650 at a bargain basement price (as the 700W has been out for 4 months now and the Verizon 700P apparently is going to show up in June with the Sprint 700P) than trying to swap parts into a 600.

    Cheers, Perry.
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    Wait- why can't you just upgrade and buy a Verizon one, if you wnat to?
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    They make a real Verizon one? I didn't see it at my local store. Then I'll just look for that, then, nevermind my question! I saw some on ebay like that but I assumed they would be the converted sprint ones and I'd end up getting screwed.

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