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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    In my case, tapping Update on PageOne seems to download some data.. but when I go to each channel, the data is not the updated one. I have to enter each channel and update them individually.

    All my channels (except the main page) are on the SD card.

    Anyone else seeing this?
    Updating from PageOne, does your progress bar get to 100% before completing? If it doesn't, I've noticed the same. My 650 would get to 60%, then hold for a little while, then complete, but subscribed channels, like Stocks, would not be updated. For me, it seemed like only the public, or the now free channels were updating from PageOne. I was using build 1465 w/ all channels on SD. I tried from RAM for a while, but with same results.

    I ended up dropping back to version 2 after a week due to sporadic crashes and this issue. I figured there were some bugs to be worked out.
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    Yes, the progress bar makes slow but steady progress to 100% and closes. But after that, I don't see any other "Reading .." type dialog that rapidly cycles through the News categories etc (like you see if you update the news channel directly).

    3.0 has potential.. but they need to work on this some more.
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    Is anyone experiencing memory leak problems with Express 3.x? After letting Express update its contents, my Treo 650's ram cache is so low that the 650 is performing a soft reset.

    Preventing auto-updates solves the Express 3.x issue...

    Is anyone experiencing a similar problem?
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    DA = stable...AND free AND works better... I have yet to understand the point of HandMark Express
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    Yes DA is a good app, but does it give you the news, weather in up to 10 locations, customizable Sports information?? Does it give you up to date Stock info, Movie news and showtimes in theaters of your choice??

    DA does the Map and 411 part just as well as Pocket Express (does it allow you to generate directions using your address book?) but the ability to go to a single app for everything I've listed above exists only in Express as far as I have found. Yes I could use different apps and internet access for all the above, but having it all in one easy to find app is worth the $7 a month...IF they can get it working right again. nothing but problems for me since the ver 3.0 update.
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    Does anyone have the link to go back to version 2? I have been trying to get this from handmark for 2 weeks, as I can not get ver 3.0 to work.
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    I have the same problems as the rest of you guys- I downloaded the new version, and my subscription has changed; the channels don't update properly; and when I reinstall Express, Blazer shuts down. I got one email from support telling me to reinstall the program. Same problems.

    Has ANYONE had a resolution for these annoyances?
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    I am still having these same problems, and I have sent tech support three e-mails this week, and have never received a response.

    You would think that if you are including your software with the new 700P, you would at least be responsive to customers.

    They have done nothing to fix these problems, since the release of this version 3.
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    I finally heard back from Handmark with these instructions:

    "With the release of third edition there are free channels now. The channels that show that they have expired are the channels that are free. I would suggest first going to the blog page in express and running an update. After the update check to see what channels you have. If none then remove express using the following instructions and reinstall.

    Please use the following instructions to delete your current installation and install a fresh copy.

    To delete express and all of it's channels, you need to exit out of all open appications and go to your home screen. Tap on your Menu button or tap in the top left corner of the screen > tap on App > tap on Delete.... You can then select all the Express channels (EX:Maps, EX:Movies, etc.....), and any other files you may see that have the name Express in it (express cache files) and the main Express application one at a time and tap on Delete.

    After deleting all the channels, perform a soft reset by clicking on the reset button on the back of your device.

    Next, on your Desktop Computer, navigate to C:\Program Files\Handspring(or Palm, or PalmOne)\. Delete all the express files from both the Backup & Install folders.

    You can then delete the following files from your backup folder:

    Note: Depending on what previous versions of Express you have installed you may see different files in your backup folder. Delete anything named Express.

    Then download and install the latest release of Express from the following location.

    Let me know your status after trying this."

    I followed all these directions. The program still doesn't work as well as the original version- not all of the channels update automatically- but it's more usable.
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    Which version of PE 3 are you using now?
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    Quote Originally Posted by brichter21
    Which version of PE 3 are you using now?
    I downloaded it yesterday from the Handmark site. I'm using a Mac, but I don't think that should make a difference.
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    Yesterday I received an email from Handmark, saying that they had updated their support pages (I've been sending them emails every day for the past 2 weeks.) So I filled out a new form with the same complaint- the new version of Express does not update properly. This is the response I got:

    "> Customer - 06/09/2006 09:10 PM
    > I subscribe to Pocket Express. All was fine until I downloaded the new
    > version. Now each channel has to be updated separately, and some don't update
    > at all. I have sent numerous requests for help to support, and the only
    > answer I got back was to uninstall and reinstall the new version of the
    > software. The one I'm using now is 2 weeks old. Please help. I did pay for
    > this program!
    > Auto-Response - 06/09/2006 09:10 PM
    > Title: I found the online support for Pocket Money; however, it only explains
    > things for the Palm OS. Where do I find the information for the PocketPC
    > platform? I am looking for information about importing and exporting files
    > from my handheld.
    > Link:
    > faqid=469&p_created=1148999673
    > Title: I purchased "Warfare Incorporated" but the License Key generated does
    > not work. There was a Key Code on the screen which I entered to generate the
    > license key, but I did not use the one on the trial version. How can I get the
    > correct lic?
    > Link:
    > faqid=11&p_created=1148661275
    > Title: loading some books in *.pdb format. The first 4-5 went successfully but
    > when I sync they don't work
    > Link:
    > faqid=115&p_created=1148681215
    > Title: I recently converted an Excel File and imported to the handheld, I
    > can't figure out how to export it so it syncs with the desktop? Also, a
    > similar situation, I created a Database on the handheld, and also can export
    > for sync to the desktop.
    > Link:
    > faqid=504&p_created=1149003123
    > Title: I purchasing Handmark Express for a Treo 270 with in 3 weeks I will up
    > gradeing my Treo 270 to a Treo 600 what will I need to do?
    > Link:
    > faqid=393&p_created=1148935762"

    I found this automated answer insulting- I PAID for this program, and it doesn't work as advertised. Has anyone gotten a reasonable response from Handmark?
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    you actually received a response?!! I've emailed them several complaints about numerous problems since upgrading my express app, but I've gotten no responses back.

    handmark support is, without question, horrible. nonexistent in fact.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vw2002
    you actually received a response?!! I've emailed them several complaints about numerous problems since upgrading my express app, but I've gotten no responses back.

    handmark support is, without question, horrible. nonexistent in fact.
    Would you try again, and see if you get the same automated response?
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    Have Upgraded to Express 3.0 (3.01.1466) as of a few days ago.

    Read this thread and have experienced little--but some--of the problems you have been having like all the channels not updating at the same time. In some ways that's good, becuae Express 3.0 is getting to be a memory hog, especially in internal memory (use a T650).

    One thing I WISH I was fixed in this version: The Maps and driving directions of Express 3.0. My complaints:

    +No matter how hard you try, you can never save as many driving directions as you want. Eventaully they go away--even if you don't clear them manually.

    +The FROM address and TO address are not listed in the actual point-by point driving directions. You still have to click on the "Back" button =at the bottom of the screen. How hard would it be to fix that?
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    Another updated version (3.01.1509 with files dated 6/16/06) is now available.

    As usual, no documentation on what's changed. Hopefully, the bugs are fixed and the channels update correctly...
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    Seems better (auto updates sometimes), but still not auto updaing ALL channels EVERY 6 hours.
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    I'm having some different issues that seem to be fixed for the most part over the weekend, but there is one that I haven't seen mentioned yet. When I "tap and hold" an application button/channel and tell it to move the app to the SD card, the app disappears from the Express menu. I looked on the card and the app seems to be there but it doesn't show up in my Express channels. Yes, I've made sure the "show channels on card" is checked in the settings. Anyone else have any ideas as so why I would be getting this issue? I am nearly out of internal memory and desparately need to get this app on my SD card.

    BTW, when I move the app to the SD card, I can't access that info any more and the only way I've found out how to get the button back is to delete everything and reinstall. Very frustrating. I may just go back to verson 2 if 3 is this buggy.

    UPDATE: I completely uninstalled everything from my Treo and from my PC, manually deleting the Handmark directory in Program Files. Soft reset the Treo and did a hotsync. Then re-installed the v3 app from the PC instead of from the Treo itself. DID NOT select the check box asking if this was an upgrade from a previous version. Now everything seems to be running fine. I moved all the apps to the SD card fine and everything is working like it should.
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    ^^^^^^I have had similar issues and ultimately removed Express altogether.
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