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    Hey guys....has anybody had this error before?

    "Send failed:

    This happens everytime i try sending files via BT. Does not matter if i use ZLauncher, Filez or Palm OS itself to send files....i get this problem. Tried sending file from both internal and external memory....same error. It's as if the program is no more in the OS. Hope somebody can help me out here
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    I have not seen that particular message; however, I do Bluetooth file transfers instead of cable. The usual things - is it paired properly, do you have the service(s) you want set, is the com port set properly, have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling it?

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    Well....i don't think it's the pairing cos as i type this, i'm actually doing a hotsync via BT now with my PC. Just that i cannot send files and this happens to both my notebook and PC. Tried sending files to another phone and still get the same error

    When i select send file, normally another window appear for you to select the device you want to send to but i don't get that window. I get the error.

    Anybody seen that error before?
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    RE-check your Bluetooth configuration for your treo, that you can use file transfers.
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    I did a custom ROM for my Treo650 and i was wondering if it was the cause so i hard reset my Treo650 and took a picture then send it to my notebook via BT. It worked without any problems at all. This only mean that my custom ROM is not the cause of the problem. Again this would mean that there is something not right about my Palm OS being screwed in someway.

    I've tried removing trusted devices and configuring new trusted devices again yet it does not work. The problem is the minute i tap on "Send", i don't even get to select BT or Message and i get the below error
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    If it works after a hard reset, but not after the restore, then you should do the following:
    1. Rename your desktop /Palm/<username>/Backup directory to "Backup.old"
    2. Hard reset the Treo and Hotsync.

    That'll load your PIM data but none of your 3rd party software. Test BT Send again - it should work. Now reinstall your apps, one or two at a time, and test after each install; if BT Send stops working during this process, you should have a good idea of which app is the culprit.
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    Was searching for the error 'exgErrTargetMissing' in the threads as my treo got it but only this came up. So went searching in the web. Found that you can remove this error by using Resco Explorer:

    Go to Menu -> Tools -> Manage Associations... -> Select 'Repair'

    And it's back to normal!!

    It's an old thread but this info should come in handy for others.
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