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    Hi All,

    I have a 2006 Jeep G. Cherokee with the "UConnect" handsfree cell / bluetooth handset built into the radio. In order for my Sprint Treo 650 to work with this device, I was told I needed to update the firmware.

    I backed up all my data, downloaded and then performed the Sprint 650 1.13(a) firmware update, and now, I find the device to be WILDLY unreliable. The device will often "lock up" for 1-5 seconds, even for simple tasks.

    Even something like going from the "main" phone screen (with the dial pad on it), to a "contact" search.. it will even lock up. Also, this thing now "reboots" itself at LEAST once every other day. Sometimes when I go to make a call, other times when I load the "web" application.

    Has anyone else had any problems with this happening after a firmware update? Does anyone know anything I can do to try and prevent this / fix this? It's VERY frustrating because prior to the firmware update, this thing was ROCK SOLID (except, it wouldn't work with my car).


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    Sounds like you messed up the firmware update. Do it again. You can search for the proper firmware update method in this forum.
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    Mine was better after the 1.13a update. I also use custom ROM's which IMO helps to make it more stable.
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    I have 1.13a on my sprint 650 and its solid. How much memory are you using? Do you have a lot of 3rd party apps? I would try reinstalling the update as others have mentioned. 6ood luck!

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