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    I have a Prism and would like to know your opinions on the best browser to use. I have a xircom modem. Any help will be appreciated.
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    I like blazer most.
    it's fast and support colour.
    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    Sorry for the ignorance, where can I get this?
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    you can get it at
    I don't know if it's working with wired modem, because on their webpage it said the program is for wireless internet.i used it with my omnisky service and it's fast.
    but you can still try it. tell me if it's working with your xircom modem.if it's not working try palmscape,you can download it at
    good luck!

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    Have A Good Day!
    I Love My Prism!
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    It does work with a wired modem.

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