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    I have an unlocked Cingular branded 650 running 1.20-ENA, but ever since the 1.71 FW update I've been experiencing a System Reset when I go to make a call. After the first reset, I can dial out just fine (but the continual resets are infuriating ). I have re-installed my FW three times to no avail, and I have wiped out all third party software and tried adding them back slowly to see if I could find an offending program. #*377 says A reset was caused while running "Phone": Fatal Exception. I am getting desperate and would appreciate any help. Any ideas?
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    Use it after a hard reset (sync, if you must, with a new temporary user name) for a few days. Without ANY 3rd party programs.

    Does it still give you the error (without any 3rd party software)?
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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