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    I know the Treo unfortunately doesn't tell you whether you're on GPRS or on EDGE? Is there any way to tell? It seems awfully slow. I've read some post where someone claimed to have almost cablemodem-like speeds over his EDGE connection. Is there maybe a third-party app to let me know what I am on? I am on Cingular, by the way.

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    If you try
    70 and above is Edge
    Just call me Berd.
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    There is no indicator on the Treo to inform you that you're using EDGE. Your Treo should automatically use it when it's available, but the only way to know is by the speed.
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    Cool, thanks guys. I did the 200K test and it came back with 70 and the 600K test did with 98. The 1MB didn't work twice. It said it took too long. Hmm...

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