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    Does anyone know how I can find out my passcpde for my Treo. I'm trying to sync with another device but the other device asks for my Treos passcode and I have no idea what it could be or is. CAN ANYONE HELP!!!!!
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    Try 0000 (zeros) That's the default for most devices. Not sure about the Treo.
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    I thought that to and I tried but it didnt work, but thanks for your help.
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    0000 definately works, I just had to re-pair my Treo with my work computer to sync. I don't even think there is a way to change it.
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    you say "device", so it is not a computer? What is the pscode for the device you are trying to connect to? Try that.
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    Well actually my brother just got a Blackberry and I was wondering what you can send via bluetooth to his blackberry

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