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    Verichat use to crash on me a lot also, I solved all my problems by going back to version 2.33b its less feature rich than the newer versions, but its stable on my sprint 650
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnH59
    I win! Somehow my log shows the last crash on 1/26/27. Either my crash has not happened yet, or it occured back in the 1920's. This change just showed up this morning. My last reset was actually about two weeks ago.
    Sounds like your Treo really got its bell rung! You haven't been playing football with your Treo have you?

    But seriously, it could be due to a known 'feature' of the Treo 650 that is related to whether you are polling time from the network. Some have argued to leave that box unchecked b/c of problems (more serious) than this.


    I recently had to reformat my SD UltraII 2.0 GB SD card - there were some corrupted files on it. It was not causing a reset, just a lockup, that I noticed when PocketTunes and a new program I just installed, Initiate, were trying to read the card. Don't know how the card got garbled, but I had been using the video recorder feature and the "corrupted" files were in one of the DCIM directories, and on a couple occasions, I could film videos, but it wouldn't allow me to save them. Now, this is all fixed.

    So, the Treo has reset a few more times than usual, but it seems to have stabilized again since the reformat. I did get a reset yesterday, caused by Initiate. However, it seems I've got everything back on track at least for the time being. So back to one day and counting...
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    Quote Originally Posted by marcol
    19 days since the last crash. Basically it's stable as is and any crashes are due to 3rd party apps I'm trying out. I don't reboot at night. I occassionally don't have enough dbcache to run TomTom but opening and closing Blazer sorts that.
    Update: crashed yesterday, making 28 days between crashes. Running Xiino 'failed to open cache database'. Perhaps I should lock it with RescoLocker?
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    My VZW T650 with the latest firmware now crashes 1-2 times weekly. It only crashes when I am trying to initiate a call via Bluetooth in my Acura TL. After the resulting soft reset, the HFL system works fine. That's it. It's otherwise totally stable now and I use very little 3rd party software. A note: the crash log always points to the Phone app, which has been at version 1.0 forever. Will Palm ever upgrade it?
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