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    I have a Treo 700W and I just upgraded Goodlink. The OTA installation went fine. When I run Goodlink it gives me this message
    “Place in the cradle and run setup to personalized your handheld.”

    What program is it asking me to run?

    Thanks for your help

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    Couple of questions:

    Did you update to 1.10?
    Did you get the 4.8 pushed out to you from your GoodLink Admin?

    I did the update OTA and never saw that message.
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    Yes to the 1.10 update.

    On the 4.8 I just went to My goodlink IT guy is out today.

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    I just fixed it... sent the file to my SD card and installed it again. It worked this time…
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    Does the Goodlink admin have to configure the server to allow 4.8? Or could we just use the OTA again?
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    I went to the goodlink page and downloaded the 4.8 version off their page to my desktop. I am having a hard time installing it on my treo....

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    I used the link that said SD Card install. I sent the file to my SD Card and installed it. It works fine. OTA would not work for me.

    The file is:
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    I had to have 4.8 pushed to my device from my exchange server - mailstreet.
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    A question to you folks: Are you saying that, with 4.8, it's now possible to install GoodLink to the SD card? Previously that wasn't possible.

    I have GoodLink on MS Smartphone 5.0 - is installation to the SD card possible on this platform too?
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    With 4.8, the admin has to enable SD card install
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    So if I tried to do a client-side OTA upgrade to 4.8 (MS Smartphone 2005) by going to, it likely wouldn't be able to be installed to the SD card? I work in a huge organization, and I have no idea who our admin is to ask whether or not they've enabled SD card install.

    I'd LOVE to be able to install to the card, though - I've had SOOoooo many problems with low storage memory alerts.

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