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    "Eudora Web Eudora Web Eudora Web what more can I say about this browser apart from it's raw. Yes not the best description but that's because it's a basic web browser. But it's main advantage is that it's fast, in fact very fast and the big disadvantage is that it does not load images. It's a image free browser which accounts for it's speed. But heck I do not care too much when browsing from my Treo 650.....

    Eudora skips right through the images and other website wrap arounds and gets to the raw material and that's what I love about it, and also that it's free too, caters for my bookmarks and actually tells me how large the website is so I have an idea of long it will take to load the picture. Normally very fast. So what are my favorite browsers? Well top of my list is Eudora, it's raw, dfast and simple but it allows me to read websites in a fraction of the time and if I want to view sites in more detail I can use my MacBook Pro. Xiino comes in at second place, again I have a image option should I wish and finally Web Pro comes in third.

    If you want simple browsing and are not too concerned about graphics then Eudora Web may just suit you plus it's free too and you can download from Eudora Website"
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    I use Eudora to read the news.
    It is really fast at loading pages when you want to read articles and don't care about pics
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    Old news. EudoraWeb is a 5 years old software, its development stopped in 2001. I used to use it on my Clie, but never on Treo.
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    I actually used to use Eudora back before podcasting got out of hand, certain podcast pages wouldn't let me click the link and open it in pTunes, but with Eudora web, I could view the source of the page, copy the link and paste that into pTunes and away I went.... For its time it was pretty impressive!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ScudB
    Old news. EudoraWeb is a 5 years old software, its development stopped in 2001. I used to use it on my Clie, but never on Treo.
    That's why I thot it worth mentioning....with new peeps joining the Treo community with 650's, 700's and even 600's, they might not be aware of an "oldie but goodie" (in certain circumstances)/

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