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    Is there a list or website that shows which cars will hook up with the treo 650??

    My current Acura TL works great with the phone, looking to find new car and want to make sure I don't have to lose the 650 !!

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    As long as the car is BT compliant, it should work just least for receiving calls. For placing calls, you're still most likely going to have to initiate those from the Treo. Expect any other BT compliant cars to work pretty much the same as your Acura.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Heat00
    Is there a list or website that shows which cars will hook up with the treo 650??
    Palm has lists on their support site. It can depend on which carrier you have and is probably not the most current information but it is a start. You need to select your phone/carrier combination on the support page and look under bluetooth assessories for car kits.
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    I was in an Audi Avant last week, and when I made a call the last ten calls that I made before I got into the car came up on the screen. Be careful about leaving your bluetooth on in an Audi.
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    I've been using 650 with a Nokia BT car handsfree for a while (5-6 months) and it works great. I can't remember exact model but it is the type that plugs into your car cigarette lighter socket.

    Since the firmware update in which you could distinguish between a handsfree and a car kit, it has worked even better. it now stays connected, thus eliminate the delay between call coming in and call getting transferred to the BT.

    I highly recommend it. Very clean set up. no wire!

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