Frequently, when I sync, meetings and contacts entered on my Treo fail to show up on my desktop OUtlook. For meetings, I've found that I have to open the meeting on my Treo, go the the end of the meeting description and hit enter a couple of times followed by backspace a couple of times. THen, if I resync, it will show up. I've tried this enter/backspace sequence when I first create the meeting, but when I return to sync, it doesnt work.
I have a Treo 650 with Verizon. Im using Outlook 2003. Im using Versamail. I've checked the settings in the HotSync Manager CUstom menu and all the appropriate services are marked for "synchonize." I'm at a loss as to why this works only after I do the enter/backspace sequence and only if I do it right before I sync. Any one have any ideas?