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    Hi guys,

    I'm a total newby with the Treo although I have lonnnnng experience with other Smartphones MS & Symbian.

    First impressions of the Treo are good.

    I'm based in the UK and use Orange as my provider & everything is fine with day to day operation of the phone.

    I have a Parrot CK3100 in my car which works fine with all the other Smartphones & receives & dials out using the phones own voice recognition.

    I've paired up the Treo no problem (Phone has latest update).

    Can't suss out how to set up to dial out with voice recognition though. I know there are problems doing this and have checked out the forum, but any advice from an 'expert' would be much appreciated.

    Nice board & I have checked out loads before opting on this one.


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    You have to train the parrot. Choose "Add Voice Tags" from the parrot. Then go to the contact on your treo and choose File --> Send Contact --> Bluetooth. The parrot will then ask you to name the contact. Say the name. It will then ask you to repeat the name. Repeat for each contact. Make sure that the parrot is "activated." It should ask you for some key words like "telephone", "hang-up", "Home", "work", etc.
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    BIG thanks for that, will setup ltaer today I hope.

    Thanks again


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