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    Hey guys, I found this forum from Google and I am from Shanghai. Recently I am really really interested in Treo 650. The price here of a unlocked one is 3,500RMB, around $437 with one bettery, one headset, and one stylus. What is this price looks like?

    I have another choice, one of my friend in Germany will back to Shanghai in July, he can buy me a Blackberry 8700G, which one is better? The price is $299.

    Any reply is appreciated.

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    Well I'm not a phone genius, but I have put in time using both a Blackberry 7100, and my beloved Treo 650. All I can say from my own personal use is that I would much rather have a Treo rather then a Blackberry. It just seems to me that a Treo has more potential. It was way more features and can do alot more. But I search for a couple of months, compared different prices. (I was really waiting to see when the 700p would come out.) But I think that if you look hard enought you can get a fairly new one or even a brand new way for around $250.00 USD or maybe even cheaper. But your best choice would be to get a Treo.

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