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    It's hardware Gota be.. Hard reset, with no sim and no sd , still frozen..interesting though maybe somehow palm data got corrupted ;guess I'll try to re install
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    I have this problem as well. Took it to Sprint and they "could not duplicate the problem". The problem comes in bunches, meaning weeks will go by with normal operation. Then suddenly, BAM, I try and make a call and have to pry the phone out of the skin case, remove cover, pull battery, count to 10 then replace.

    I have noticed the time on the Treo when I reset it is anywhere from 20 to 2 hrs behind actual time. Perhaps that's the time the phone froze?

    About a week ago I posted a similar problem. I kept having to do Hard Resets and noticed one item in my calender was corrupt. I had a recurring wedding anniversary set for 3-31. After I hotsync-ed the event was now posted on 1-1-03 (The time had reset to 2003!!!) Very weird. Any ideas?
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    I haven't had any calendar issues .My freezes came on like a freight train ! After the third time taking out the battery wouldn't reset it. Even hard resets don't unfreeze . Im
    thinking maybe some how software conflicts are corrupting the O.S. If I were you I would do a hard rest re install the basic Palm O.S. and run it with out software for awhile and see if the problem comes back . If its still under warrantee I'd send it back
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    It is definitely a hardware issue.

    Some people have had stuck keys, the "p" key in particular. Personally my issues only happen when the phone gets very hot. Either while charging, or sufing the net or streaming music in Ptunes.
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    Or after alot of P-ing;;;;;;pppppppppppp!!, my problem is ALL the keys.. not stuck , DEAD/ziltc/NADA-heck-of-a-lot! And my battery,she don't get hot
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    Just putting the ending on this thread. The problem did turn out to be a stuck key! Daa!
    If one key sticks in the pushed position everything stops as we know it! so....
    Keep a clean key Don't follow leaders or watch the parking meters !
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    I took my phone into sprint and they did a hard reset b/c their tech people, just like their service reps, know nothing about the treo or seem to care for that matter. the problem with my phone was a stuck alt key. my phone works fine now. as usual, thanks treocentral for actually helping and thank you sprint for once again not caring and not knowing.
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