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    My insurance-less 650 got _smashed_ "beyond economic repair" per Sprint. Instead of getting a new or even used 650, I've decided to wait for the 700p. (OK, so maybe I'm a gullible moron. Anyway . . .)

    In the meantime, how would I hotsync just the 650's Tasks, Calendar, Memos & Contacts on to my old Vx without, as Perry says, "creating a brick"?

    FYI, I installed the 650 Desktop software over the Vx's, and use the same hotsync ID on the 650. I figure I need to hard reset the Vx and hotsync under a different user ID, but am afraid of frying the Vx completely and/or screwing up the 650 Desktop info.
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    You should not have any problems getting the core data (calendar, contacts, todos, memos) on to the Vx if you follow a few simple steps...

    1: If possible sync your Treo one last time

    2: Hard reset the Vx

    3: Rename the backup folder for your Treo user ID to something like backup_old, the backup folder can be found under PROGRAM FILES / PALM [OR HANDSPRING] / USER ID

    4: Sync the Vx and when asked to select a profile, select your former Treo user ID

    This will only sync the core data onto the Vx, and not any of the Treo applications that could possibly cause problems on the Vx.
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    Thanks, I'll try that tonight. Am I then good to go for subsequent syncs with the Vx, or should I rename the backup folder every time?
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    Renaming the original backup folder causes the Palm desktop software to create a new, clean backup folder upon the next hotsync. The reason why you should do this when changing devices, is to keep the previous devices specific files from polluting the new device. You should also do this when doing routine maintenance "clean ups", it keeps problematic files from being installed to your freshly hard reset device.

    Follow my instructions and your good to go for as long as you use the Vx. There is no need to rename the backup folder again until your get the 700P, or decide to do a clean up on the Vx.
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    Virginia Beach, VA but home will
    always be Honolulu, HI
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    Great, thanks again.

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