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    Two weeks ago, all of a sudden my Treo 600 only charged when I had the charger "partially" in. If I was to put my charger in all the way like usual then it wouldnt charge. I also noticed that my car charger shuts off as soon as I plug it into my Treo 600. WIERD (i know). Now today, my phone doesn't charge AT ALL!!! (even when the charger is in partially). I tried a hard reset and now since my phone doesn't charge, I cant get my Treo to recover from the hard reset.

    Now my phone is sitting on my desk with a blank screen, and no LED action even when I plug the charger in. Why God WHYYYYY?? ;-) Help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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    Perhaps a piece of lint or other obstruction has become lodged in the connector opening on the bottom of your T600?
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    check the female connector... on the treo... make shure none of the thin metal contacts are bent...
    or and touching the metal surrounding ... if bent fix it...

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