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    Is it smart (or brainless) to install UM on the SD card?


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    UM is.... what?

    Do not install anything on SD card that: States it does not support it, needs to hotsync, needs to be searched with the global Find feature, needs to run itself occationally from alarm (ex: TreoAlarm, more), or runs all the time (ex: Verichat, Volumecare).
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    Uninstall Manager
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    If it does work from the card (doubtful), I would not put Uninstall Manager on the card. UM monitors installations and the files installed with a program when you install it. If the card's not in the slot - nothing gets monitored. So, not all the related files would be deleted by UM if/when you uninstall it.

    Check the user's manual.
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    You "could" put it on the SD card but then it would not be able to monitor subsequent installs unless you moved it back to main memory before installing a program. The user manual goes ino a bit more detail.
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    Thanks, Jack. That makes sense. I had read the manual (for a change) and it did say not to "move" the program to the SD, but made no mention of where to install it initially.

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