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    Hi, I bought Ringo through Sprint and i installed it. Then, it says there is a new version. So, i get the new version and I put the newer version on my treo 650. Then, evertime I get a call or a text messege it causes my phone to reset. I have the latest firmware on my Treo. Can anyone help me in getting this program up and running on my treo?

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    I'm having the same problem -- not every time, but on a significant number of rings, Ringo (according to ##377) is causing a fatal error and reset. I read the thread above and didn't see anything specific... just that it could be another program really to blame. Is that the case even though Ringo is listed as the culprit?

    I love Ringo (I'm using 4.4, paid version) and I'd love to have it running.

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