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    Question whats the best way to move my data from one card to another. Pictures ,Movies etc. Put a new folder on the desktop and copy and paste??
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    Quote Originally Posted by gulfwindx
    Put a new folder on the desktop and copy and paste??
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    make a zip/rar/7z archive and then decompress it to the new sd card...
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    1. Put it in PC Card Reader or hook up to Treo w/ Softick card Export II
    2. Make directory on ya hard drive called "Treo SD Card" or whatever.
    3. Highlight everything on card, hit copy
    4. Highlight new directory, hit paste

    To restore:

    1. Highlight all files folders in Treo SD Card directory, hot copy
    2. Highlight partition letter for SD card in Treo, hit paste
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    Copy and paste to the desktop will work fine.

    I have 2 SD slots in the PC at home, so can just copy from one to another.
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    I use Norton Ghost...cuz I'm hardcore like that.
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    If you are going to use a new SD card in the Treo, make sure it is named the same thing otherwise some programs will not recognize it. Some programs that use the SD need it to have the same name as the original to recognize the data they stored on it in the past.
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    i like using synctoy (a win xp tool) for purposes similar to this. makes updating the changes very efficient. it's always good to have a mirror image of your sd card on your desktop/laptop computer. just in case palm puke doesn't do th job and you lose your precious little card due to some horrible circumstances. man, my life is inside the card, hope it never happens to me. a, self destroy function would make these cards a lot more safe.
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    I have had problems in the past with images not copying to the windows desktop preventing me from duping my sd card that way.

    The way I got around it is the direct sd to sd method using my laptop which has a built in sd card reader and a card reader plugged into a usb. worked great. Now that I am using a 4 gb card, I can't afford a second card to backup my first!!
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    I like having a complete copy of the SD card on the puter in a designated spot anyway.

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