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    I did the following to my 650. Do this at your own risk.

    1. Make sure you Hotsync to get the latest information updated.
    2. On the Palm, Go to Palm Home and select the menu key and the Delete option
    3. At the top of the list, you should see GoodLink, GoodPrefs and then Contacts someplace close by. The size of Contacts will vary because this is REAL DATA, that is why it is important to Hotsync BEFORE doing this
    4. Delete Contacts and do a Soft Reset
    5. VERY IMPORTANT part II Change the Hotsync manager to Outlook or Palm Desktop overwrites Palm. If you do not do this, Hotsync will erase the Desktop information to get parity with the Palm which we ERASED the database for.
    6. After this crucial Hotsync life is back to normal and Hotsync manager can be changed back to Synch both. KEEP IN MIND!!!!! If the customer upgrades to a newer version of Good or Re-installs, the hack/redirect is re-initiated and these steps must be taken again.

    He did this and have voicedial running on my 650. Now when I choose 'Contacts' from my phone app, it now goes to the Palm Contacts. Ringo which I use for group MP3 ring tones also works now. I can also still get to the Goodlink contacts by first going into Goodlink.

    I'm getting a WM5 8125 next week and will see if something like this will work on it. If it does work, I'll let you know.

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    I now have my Cingular 8125 and have Goodlink installed. Unfortunately there is no current way to make the WM5 contacts be the default contacts program.

    I called Goodlink support this morning with my company account number and spoke with a nice technician that searched their database with no resolution. He did inform me that this has been requested by a few companies and is in their database as an enhancement request.

    If we can get enough of our companies to request this change, maybe we can push it through.

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    Can you use another application for your contacts besides palm? its limited to 15 groups and I 25 currently.

    Also Good GUy, when will goodlink support this I stated in a previous post its been over a year in the works.

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