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    ok I'm having trouble. I want to keep my e-mail on my hard drive, but I only want sertian messages on my Visor. How do I do this? (As in, I delete messages off my Visor, but I want them to stay on my computer) I am using Outlook Express 5.0 with Windows 2000, and Palm Desktop 3.5? (the one right below 4.0)
    -Michael Ducker
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    Make a "Kept messages" folder on your desktop e-mail client and visor. After syncing your mail to your visor, move the ones you want to keep to Kept messages on the visor. They will not be deleted on the next sync. They will stay in the inbox on the desktop. When you get a chance, you can move the messages from the inbox on the desktop to kept messages.

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    -Michael Ducker
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    Or get another computer. Set it up like the first and keep your email on the new one. :-)

    Since I already had 2 pcs, I use one to be the syncer (It is also a game machine) while the other Is use as basically the main PC.

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    My second computer, I built it, it's mine, It works. and the other sompuer no like syncing with my visor
    -Michael Ducker
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