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    I recently got a 650 and have been eying them for some time as I want to use it on my motorcycle. I have a tank bag which has a nice puch that can hold my phone and allow me to operate it while riding with ease. I am having difficulty in a few areas but this one is my main concern and may prompt me to return the thing.

    Yesterday I was invited on a ride, I mapquested the directions and kept them up on my screen, after the 30 second screen off I am not able to get directly back to the last screen viewed (mapquest directions) without first going through the phone or mail those are the only keys that 'wake' the screen up..........anyway to get this thing to return to the last screen viewed in the touch of 1-2 clicks?
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    I am not getting your problem. The RED (right-most) button
    should wake-up your Treo.

    But if you mean something else, there's always McPhling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zarathustra
    anyway to get this thing to return to the last screen viewed in the touch of 1-2 clicks?
    Hit Red Button.
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    hey, at least there is the *noob* disclaimer in the subject line
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    And I thought using the Treo while driving a car was dangerous!
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    If the above weren't going to say it, I will... "Welcome to TreoCentral". I will continue to view this topic as it relates to me to...I have a motorcycle...Go Bikers!

    You can go to Prefs, then POWER, and Auto Off (change to 3 minutes). That will give you a 2.5 minutes longer duration to view your contents.
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    Yeah, you can increase the time at which your screen will stay on in your Treo's preferences, and you can also check out an app called AlwaysOn(freeware) which will give you the option of keeping your screen on as long as you please. And yeah, the red power button should return you to where you where after the screen goes off. Actually, it doesn't return you to where you were, it just turns the screen back on. Simple. Didn't you wonder what the little power icon on the button meant?
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    Motorcycle + driving + Treo = bad idea.....period.


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    A better idea.....get TomTom for the Treo and a BT GPS receiver, then use a pair of stereo earbuds inside your helmet. You can listen to MP3 files while waiting for the turn-by-turn voice directions. I do this with my Garmin iQue 3600. I also rigged a 12V outlet to power my GPS so the screen never turns off. With an auto adapter for the Treo and the AlwaysOn software, you could do the same thing.....but FORGET about looking at the screen while you're's WAY too small!

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